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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wedding Decor and More!

Wedding Decor and More! - Wedding Scrapbook

I have to admit that I have not successfully ventured into the creative world of scrapbooking. I did give it a try but didn't seem to be to successful at it. I know that as a scrapbooker you are supposed to trim unnecessary obejects or backgrounds from the photo but I just couldn't do it! I can't make myself cut a picture! But my co-worker has started scrapbooking and she loves it. That's all she wants to do when she gets off from work.

She was talking about some ideas to consider when making a wedding scrapbook.

Wedding scrapbook tips:

Tip #1: On the first two pages you may want to consider using paper that matches the colors in your wedding. Also, on these pages place one of your wedding invitations, decorative napkin from your reception, etc.

Tip #2: If you cover the honeymoon in your scrapbook be sure to include your plane tickets, or any other tickets that you may have used. Example: Did you go see a broadway show on your honeymoon? Be sure to save the ticket stub so that you can place that in your scrapbook.

Tip #3: When journaling write about your favorite part of your wedding day. Was it when your Dad saw his baby girl in her beautiful dress? Maybe it was when Mom was helping you get dressed. Whatever was your favorite part of the day be sure to journal that in your scrapbook.

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Wedding Decor and More!


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