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Click Here To Discover How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoestring Budget!

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wedding Decor and More!

Wedding Decor and More! - Who Pays For What?

In a time when weddings easily run into the thousands of dollars there is much frustration when trying to determine what the bride's family should pay for and what the groom's family should pay for.

This can be a really touchy subject for most families. As a bride you don't want to offend your future in-laws by telling them they should pay for this and that when you don't have an idea of what is expected of them. Hopefully, with the following list that gives an idea of the financial responsibilities expected from all parties you will become more comfortable in approaching your parents and in-laws with any financial situations.

This is some of the items the bride is responsible for:

Gifts for the bridesmaids
Lodging for the bridesmaids
Couple's stationery and thank-you notes
Wedding programs and/or guestbook

This is some of the items the groom is responsible for:

Bride's engagement ring
Marriage license
Officiant's fee
Rental or purchase of his formalwear
Lodging for groomsmen
Gifts for the groom's attendants

What the Bride and Groom are both responsible for:

The wedding bands
The honeymoon

This is an Idea of What the Bride's Parents are Responsible For:

Engagement and wedding pictures
Wedding invitations
Wedding consultant
Bridal ensemble
Ceremony fees
decorating items
Bridesmaids' luncheon
Transportation for bridal party to ceremony and reception

Here's what the Groom's Parents are responsible for:

Rehearsal dinner or any other expense they choose

And the Bridesmaids should pay for:

Bridal shower
Bridesmaid dress and shoes
NOTE: The flower girl and ringbearer outfit is paid for by the child's parents
Any traveling expenses
Bachelorette party

The Ushers are responsible for:

Rental of formalwear
Bachelor party

Guests pay for:

Traveling and lodging expenses (even if the guests are traveling a good distance to your wedding because you've decided to have it in Jamaica or something)

There are several items above that can be divided between the bride's family and the groom's family if you are looking for more equal financial division. If you are wanting to divide the costs more between the bride, her family, the groom, and his family then consider the following:

These are some additional responsibilities pertaining to the Groom's Family:

All beverage and liquor service
Music for the reception
Photography and/or videography

Some additional costs for Bride and/or Groom:

Bride's ensemble
Wedding flowers
All wedding stationery, including invitations, announcements, and thank-you notes

When planning your wedding it is important that everyone within the wedding party, your parents, and the future in-laws are informed about what is financially expected of them. They don't want any surprises and you don't want any mishaps.

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Wedding Decor and More!


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